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What are Silicone Oils? Jun 30 , 2022

The most common silicone oils are linear polysiloxane compounds, that orient in spiral chains, which easily glide and slip over one another. Silicone oils offer great thermal stability and fexible and flowable forms at extreme temperatures.

Polydimethylsiloxane is the predominant silicone polymer made, but other organic groups (phenyl, vinyl, epoxide or amino) can be added to the siloxane polymer that can in some cases offer special characteristics or reactivity.


Silicone oils are used in products you may use in everyday life. Let’s take a closer look at your facial tissues. Thanks to the excellent soft hand feeling and good hydrophilicity of some types of siloxane polymers, top grade facial tissues have been using silicone type softeners to improve the “soft feel” of tissues.


Silicone oil improves the softness and silk-like smooth feeling of the tissues, with minimum impact on tissue strength.

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