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Textile Auxiliaries for polyester
Textile Auxiliaries for polyester

Normally, the modern textile industry mainly includes two important parts, one is the manufacture of textiles, mainly including spinning and weaving, which is the formation process of textiles; the other is the finishing of textiles. The pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of grey fabrics are actually the process of reprocessing, modification and beautification of textiles. Unlike the manufacture of textiles, the finishing of textiles is mainly based on chemical processing, so a large amount of dyes and auxiliary chemicals are usually used. These auxiliary chemicals are usually called textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, or textile auxiliaries for short.

In the process of textile processing, textile auxiliaries play a very important or even indispensable role, and their functions are mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) Textile auxiliaries can shorten the processing process, reduce the processing procedures, and improve the Production efficiency; (2) Energy saving, water saving, time saving and labor saving, which can reduce production costs (3) Textile auxiliaries can improve the quality and performance of textiles, give textiles special functions and styles, and increase the added value of finished products; (4) Use Textile auxiliaries can effectively reduce environmental pollution, thereby protecting the ecological environment.

Simply put, chemicals other than dyes used in textile finishing and even textile manufacturing are textile auxiliaries. However, usually we do not call acids, alkalis, salts and simple organics commonly used in the textile industry as textile auxiliaries, because they are widely used chemical raw materials and have a wide range of uses in many industrial fields. Therefore, strictly speaking, textile auxiliaries refer to fine chemicals with special properties used in textile processing, especially in chemical finishing.

In the field of textile auxilirary for polyester, our main products including high concentration degreaser, superfine denier hign temperature leveling agent, environmentally friendly high temparature repair agent.

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