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Polyester Cotton Textile Auxiliaries
Polyester Cotton Textile Auxiliaries

Textile auxiliaries are the chemical processing of textiles and are an important part of the modern textile industry. They can not only improve the quality of textiles, but also modify and beautify textiles. In the chemical processing of textiles, textile auxiliaries are used.

As an indispensable auxiliary chemical, it is widely used in pretreatment and dyeing in textile dyeing and finishing. Printing and finishing and other links shorten the processing process. Dongguan Kefeng Textile Auxiliary Industry Co., Ltd. is aimed at customers.

In terms of improving production efficiency, saving energy and water, reducing production costs, improving the special functions and styles of textiles, and increasing the added value of final products, the research and development of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries is of critical significance.

In the field of polyester and cotton textile auxiliry, our main products including polyester-cotton high fastness fixing agent, polyester cotton one-bath soap detergent.

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