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Influence of Softener on Fabric and Its Qualification Requirements Aug 18 , 2022

(1) The role of silicone softener agents

1. The silicone softener agents can supplement the natural oils lost in the scouring, bleaching, and other processes of natural fibers, making the hand feel more ideal.

2. The softening agent is attached to natural fibers or synthetic fibers, which can improve smoothness and strength and make it feel better.

3. Some properties of the softening agent can improve the performance of the fabric.

In order to achieve the above functions, the softening agent is generally added with the smoothness and hand feeling of grease, which adheres to the surface of the fiber to reduce the frictional resistance between the fibers, making the fibers lubricated and soft. There are also some softening agents that can cross-link with some reactive groups on the fibers, making the fibers more washable.

(2) Requirements for silicone softener agents

1. Under various soft processing conditions, the working fluid of the silicone softener agents should be very stable.

2. The fibers or fabrics after soft treatment are not easy to discolor by heat, and there should be no changes in color, feel and smell during storage.

3. The stability is better.

4. According to different processing requirements, the softening agent should have appropriate water absorption or water repellency, antistatic properties, and other properties should be selected according to the different requirements of the fabric. 

5. The silicone softener agents should have no adverse effect on human skin.

Due to the wide variety of textiles, different fibers used, different fabric specifications, different fabric uses, and different finishing requirements, the same softening agent cannot be used. The softening agent that meets the requirements should be selected based on the softening mechanism and function of various softening agents.

In addition, the performance of each softening agent is always limited. To obtain the effect of multiple performances, two or more softening agents can be used together or compounded into a new softening agent/product. 

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