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What is fixing agent? Aug 06 , 2022

Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing industry. It can improve the color fastness of dyes on fabrics. It can form insoluble colored matter with dyes on the fabric to improve the color washing and perspiration fastness, and sometimes also improve its light fastness.

The dyeing mechanism of various dyes on different fibers is different, and the dyeing fastness is also different, so the fixing mechanism of the fixing agent used is also different.

For polyester-cotton fabrics, polyester-cotton high-fastness fixing agent K-624 is a good choice. It is made of polyamine cationic polymer and is a new formaldehyde-free fixing agent.

Features: 1. The water fastness level is high, and the white fastness requirements can be met.

               2. The color becomes smaller, the hand feeling is less affected, and no solid color spots are produced.

               3. Environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free.

For knitted cotton fabrics, formaldehyde-free fixing agent K-301-1 can be used.

Features: 1. The fastness of the fabric to soaking in water, soaping, and rubbing has been significantly improved after color fixing.

                2. There will be no discoloration, little effect on hand feel, and no solid color spots.

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