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Silicone oil molecular structure Jun 30 , 2022

Fluffy Smooth Silicone Oil  are comprised of linear repeating chains of silicon and oxygen, with each silicon atom also having two carbon-based substituents, which are most often methyl groups. 


Soft Slip Silicone Oil  can possess a degree of polymerization, in other words the average number of repeating siloxane groups in a polymer chain, ranging from several units to several thousand units. 

Replacing a small portion of the methyl groups with phenyl groups or amino functional groups can change how the siloxane polymers interact with other materials.  Adding reactive organic groups to siloxane polymers can also allow for siloxane polymers to be integrated into various type of organic polymers, which can result in some unique properties when compared to standard organic polymers. good hand feel and basically No Yellowing Silicone Oil.


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