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Low-priced hydrophilic soft-slip silicone oil Jun 02 , 2022

Low-priced hydrophilic soft-slip silicone oil  is a hydrophilic soft-slip silicone oil prepared by a unique emulsification process.

It is delicate and skin-friendly with excellent slipperiness. It is a very cost-effective product.

Water-soft and slippery silicone oil  has good stability, overcomes the problems of sticking rollers and floating oil, and makes production smoother.


Product Feature:

Features Soft, fluffy, smooth.

Has good salt resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance stability

Superior hydrophilicity, good stability, basically no yellowing and discoloration on white and light-colored fabrics, non-stick rollers, and easy to repair.

Green environmental protection does not contain APEO, NPEO in line with GB, European and American ROHS environmental protection standards.


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