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How do smoothing agents make yarns softer and smoother? Aug 11 , 2022

Human development is closely related to clothing, food, housing and transportation, of which "clothing" is very important. With the improvement of consumption level, the demand for clothing styles, colors, workmanship, materials, designs, fabrics, ingredients, accessories, etc. is also increasing, which in turn promotes innovation in the textile and clothing industry.

The key to the demand for clothing is the fabric, and the most basic is the demand for yarn. The color, texture and physical properties of a yarn will directly affect the final height of a fabric, a garment.

How to make yarns softer and smoother?

The answer is to use the Universal Yarn Smoothing Agent.

Smoothing agent is a bisamino functional silicone emulsion. It is used for textile and spinning sizing, which can give the fabric a good smooth hand. It is a soft smoothing agent for new generation of high-end textiles.

Smoothing finishing agent for textiles is a material that can be either emulsion polymerized or emulsified with original silicone oil, but different decisions should be made according to the fabric finishing process. Emulsion polymerization needs to be used on long cars, or the particle size of the emulsion emulsified with silicone oil is relatively small.

Yes, it will be safer to use, and the fabric smoother with a larger aperture, such as knitted fabrics, is better to emulsify with original silicone oil. To reduce yellowing, piperazine group can be used as silicone oil, or the ammonia in amino silicone oil can be protected, so it can be modified with polyether.

The product feature of fabric smoothing agent is that it has good permeability to the fabric, not only gives the fabric beneficial softness and smoothness, improves the elasticity and color of the fabric, and has good film-forming properties, and has a better finishing effect of wool anti-felt shrinkage.

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