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High-temperature leveling agent and production process thereof Jul 14 , 2022

High Temperature Levelling Agent is the special assistant that is used for disperse dyeing of polyester and BLENDED FABRIC thereof.Used before this levelling agent mainly is peregal and dispersing agent NNO, the increasing of look flower, fault, and defect rate increases.

In addition, the continual renovation of dyeing apparatus, Filter And Moisturizing Leveling Agent is the requirement of incompatibility sophisticated equipment.In view of this situation, dyeing is badly in need of a kind of novel high-strength quick levelling agent.

The high temperature levelling agent that our company produced is succeeded in developing under this market environment just, characteristics such as this auxiliary agent level-dyeing property, slow metachromia, dispersiveness, Leveling Agent In Anti-Drill Down Fabrics obviously are better than original levelling agent, and the yield rate height, fabric coloured light is pure, plentiful, feel is good, energy-conserving and environment-protective, is a kind of environment-friendly type New-type adjuvant.

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