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Chemical fiber soft and slippery crude oil Jun 02 , 2022

Chemical fiber soft and slippery crude oil is ternary copolymerization block modified silicone.

It is suitable for soft, smooth and lofty finishing of chemical fiber textiles, especially suitable for smooth, soft and wrinkle-resistant finishing of polyester fabrics.

Compared with ordinary oxygen-based silicone oil and modified silicone oil, it has softer, fluffy and smoother effects, durable and washable, will not produce silicon spots, and has extremely low yellowing.

"Features and Advantages"


1. Excellent soft and slippery feel style.

2. High cost performance.

3. Self-emulsifying system, it can be diluted and used without emulsifier.




Appearance: yellow viscous liquid


Chemical composition: multi-block silicone oil


Ionicity: Cationic


pH value: 5.0-7.0


Brix: 45


Active substance: 54%

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