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We always insist on making good products that are popular in the market and have excellent cost performance. We should pay all our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Textile Auxiliaries for cotton
    Textile Auxiliaries for cotton Textile Auxiliaries for cotton
    Textile auxiliaries are necessary chemicals in textile production and processing. Textile auxiliaries play an indispensable and important role in improving the product quality and added value of textiles. They can not only impart various special functions and styles to textiles, such as softness, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, flame retardant It can also improve the dyeing and finishing process, saving energy and reducing processing costs. Textile auxiliaries are crucial to improving the overall level of the textile industry and their role in the textile industry chain. In cotton field of textile auxiliry, our main products including high concertrationi non-ionic penetrant, high concentration and low-foaming oil refining penetrant, highly concentrated active anti-stain soaping agent.
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  • Textile Auxiliaries for polyester
    Textile Auxiliaries for polyester Textile Auxiliaries for polyester
    Normally, the modern textile industry mainly includes two important parts, one is the manufacture of textiles, mainly including spinning and weaving, which is the formation process of textiles; the other is the finishing of textiles. The pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of grey fabrics are actually the process of reprocessing, modification and beautification of textiles. Unlike the manufacture of textiles, the finishing of textiles is mainly based on chemical processing, so a large amount of dyes and auxiliary chemicals are usually used. These auxiliary chemicals are usually called textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, or textile auxiliaries for short. In the process of textile processing, textile auxiliaries play a very important or even indispensable role, and their functions are mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) Textile auxiliaries can shorten the processing process, reduce the processing procedures, and improve the Production efficiency; (2) Energy saving, water saving, time saving and labor saving, which can reduce production costs (3) Textile auxiliaries can improve the quality and performance of textiles, give textiles special functions and styles, and increase the added value of finished products; (4) Use Textile auxiliaries can effectively reduce environmental pollution, thereby protecting the ecological environment. Simply put, chemicals other than dyes used in textile finishing and even textile manufacturing are textile auxiliaries. However, usually we do not call acids, alkalis, salts and simple organics commonly used in the textile industry as textile auxiliaries, because they are widely used chemical raw materials and have a wide range of uses in many industrial fields. Therefore, strictly speaking, textile auxiliaries refer to fine chemicals with special properties used in textile processing, especially in chemical finishing. In the field of textile auxilirary for polyester, our main products including high concentration degreaser, superfine denier hign temperature leveling agent, environmentally friendly high temparature repair agent.
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  • Polyester Cotton Textile Auxiliaries
    Polyester Cotton Textile Auxiliaries Polyester Cotton Textile Auxiliaries
    Textile auxiliaries are the chemical processing of textiles and are an important part of the modern textile industry. They can not only improve the quality of textiles, but also modify and beautify textiles. In the chemical processing of textiles, textile auxiliaries are used. As an indispensable auxiliary chemical, it is widely used in pretreatment and dyeing in textile dyeing and finishing. Printing and finishing and other links shorten the processing process. Dongguan Kefeng Textile Auxiliary Industry Co., Ltd. is aimed at customers. In terms of improving production efficiency, saving energy and water, reducing production costs, improving the special functions and styles of textiles, and increasing the added value of final products, the research and development of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries is of critical significance. In the field of polyester and cotton textile auxiliry, our main products including polyester-cotton high fastness fixing agent, polyester cotton one-bath soap detergent.
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  • Textile Auxiliaries for sweater/Denim washing
    Textile Auxiliaries for sweater/Denim washing Textile Auxiliaries for sweater/Denim washing
    The Textile Auxiliaries are specially used for washing and dying of yarns and fabrics. These auxiliaries are formulated for textile products in the forms of cationic, non-ionic, surfactants and amphoteric. Our offered assortment of auxiliaries is comprised of pre-treatment chemicals, dyeing & printing auxiliaries and finishing & sizing formulations to meet with various fabric requirements such as finishing, sizing, dyeing, pre-treatment, and printing.The auxiliaries have features like stable to alkaline pH, extremely softener, versatile leveling emulsifier and excellent binding facility. These auxiliaries find usage in textile industries for dyeing, finishing, printing and sizing fabric applications. we recommend our main products of textile auxilirary for sweater washing, including Low-foaming and environmentally friendly detergent agent, silicone olein and universal smoothing agent.
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About us
Guangdong Kefeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 18, 2013, and has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of textile chemicals for many years. In line with the company's development mission of "always insist on making good products with fair prices and customer satisfaction", we are committed to R&D, production, and sales of a series of high-concentration and environmentally friendly pre-treatment, dyeing, color-fixing, and finishing auxiliaries to provide our customers with Products with market competitiveness. It is a priority manufacturer for various textile printing and dyeing factories and washing factories to improve product quality and reduce costs. Committed to becoming the most technological company in the textile and chemical industry, not only providing products with market competitiveness, but also providing customers with the best solutions through scientific application technology services, and improving profitability for customers from the customer's standpoint , realize our value. With the vision of "enhancing the profit space for customers and becoming the most valuable company in the hearts of customers", we are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, in line with the principle of abide by the credibility and focus on efficiency, to seek common development and create a better tomorrow. "Innovation, Sharing, Integrity, Responsibility, Embracing Change, Responding to Everything, Sincere Cooperation, Customer First" are the company values. After long-term industry precipitation and stable development, the company enjoys a good reputation among customers at home and abroad. At present, it has grown into a production and R&D enterprise with more than 100 people. Now the company has a production workshop and storage space of 7,000 square meters, (20 sets of production equipment) The company is headquartered in Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and has established branches in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Foshan and other places to better serve customers. The existing professional marketing team of more than 40 people provides you with 24-hour pre-sales and after-sales service, and the R&D team with more than ten people and years of industry experience provides you with the most reliable quality assurance. Provide you with the latest product development trends in the industry market. The company's series of products cover pretreatment: penetrating agent, degreasing agent, leveling agent, color fixing agent, etc. and after-finishing block silicone oil, hydrophilic silicone oil, softener, smoothing agent and other functional finishing products. Our company has cooperated with Hunan Institute of Engineering for a long time and designated it as the industry-university research and development cooperation base of Hunan Institute of Engineering. Together, we have developed and customized a number of low-cost and cost-effective sales products for many large dyeing factories and washing customers. Market affirmation and recognition!   Choose us, choose us six reasons: Cheaper: Reduced product cost, low use and high solid content, reduced transportation cost, reduced processing cost, low packaging cost, and the use cost of large-scale auxiliaries produced by the same process is reduced by at least 25% or more Safer: do not do the second dilution and blending process to ensure the stability and controllability of the product Reduce the production process, and each process can be controlled throughout the process to avoid human factors that cause product instability A qualified product quality report will be issued for each product leaving the factory and the standardized ingredients will be indicated Each batch of goods has an exclusive batch number; the samples are stored for more than 6 months to ensure the traceability of problems in the use process   More standard: formulate standard solid content product series, and each product guarantees no less than 30 standard solid content。 Each product has its proper product attribute label, standard drying solid product ingredients and standard transparent price   More convenient: high-concentration products can be used directly (the mission of our R&D department is to make as many high-concentration products as possible under the premise of convenient use and safety) Professional external opening and dilution service department, which can provide one-to-one door-to-door opening service and provide supporting tools for door-to-door opening Set up a branch inventory model through the combination of things and thinking, establish a customer-centric, and can quickly respond to customer needs   More Transparency: Unify the external sales price. Unified and transparent product attribute labeling All products can query corresponding transparent data through the Internet Provide technical services for each customer at least twice a month   Healthier: on the basis of standards and transparency to create an ecological map for the healthy development of the chemical industry.   It is divided into 10 major areas for different categories: Cotton field, chemical fiber field, denim washing field, dyeing yarn (cotton yarn, high elastic yarn, bread yarn) field, pile setting field, core yarn sweater washing field, printed fabric, Roman cloth field, towel linen field , intermediates, energy saving and emission reduction market pain points series.  
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We have 8 years of R & D and production experience and a production base covering an area of 43333 square meters. Each product has a chemical test report and a perfect overseas transportation management system.
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Hot Products
We always insist on making good products that are popular in the market and have excellent cost performance. We should pay all our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.
Soft slipping silicone oil
Soft lubricating silicone oil
Standard for Soft lubricating silicone oil washing agent for knitted cotton  (40S combed cotton + 20D elastane plain weave) ,main content is 25%Amino silicone oil,5.5%Isomerized alcohol polyoxyethylene ether,0.6%glacial acetic acid,36.9%water,32%Glycerol. main advantage as following: . Soft and smooth, delicate and water repellent. . For cotton elastane, mercerized cotton.  
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 soft smooth silicone oil
High-stable soft smooth silicone oil
This product is a ternary copolymerized silicone oil prepared by new technology, which can well penetrate into the interior of the fabric to obtain a smooth feel. Due to its special structure, it has excellent stability, and is mainly used for hand finishing after woven and knitted printing paint.
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crude oil
Velvet crude oil
The Velvet crude oil is a new technology to prepare Crude Oil. It has strong versatility and is widely used in the setting of polyester and nylon fabrics and the washing process of denim fabrics. It is a new product with better cost performance.
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 Silicone oil essence
smooth and Ultra-concentration silicone oil essence
Textile silicone oil essence also call name silicone olein, it is a textile softener, which belongs to the category of fine chemicals - textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries - textile softeners. The appearance of silicone oil is a transparent paste, which is a highly concentrated silicone product; PH value: 6-7, weakly cationic, easily soluble in water Silicone olein has the following properties in the textile industry: 1. It has good water solubility and can be compatible with other non-cationic and cationic additives. 2. It can give the fabric a long-lasting washable fluffy, smooth and elastic style, and has an excellent cotton-like finishing effect, making the fabric have a comfortable and full hand feel and good breathability and wrinkle recovery performance. 3. It is not easy to produce defects such as sticky rollers, cracked yarns, and silicone oil traces. 4. Applicable to various fiber fabrics, especially wool, pure cotton, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose blended fabrics ...
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Yarn Smoothing Agent
Milky white viscous liquid Universal Yarn Smoothing Agent
Universal Yarn Smoothing Agent is Polymer smoothing agent polymerized from special raw materials, a new generation of smoothing finishing agent for textiles, main Features and Benefits as following: 1. It has strong film-forming properties, which can improve the strength of the yarn and improve the sewing performance. 2. Gives wool and blended fabrics a mercerized, smooth and soft style. 3. It can make leather bright and smooth, and can also be used instead of brightener. 4. The yarn field can also be used with a silky style. 5. No delamination, no oil drift, stable performance. At present, it is mainly used on animal fibers and blended fabrics such as wool and cashmere. The smoothing agent can emulsify itself without leaving oil spots, but it cannot be used to wash products containing silk. It is more effective than silicone softening additives. It has excellent properties such as softness, smoothness and plumpness, as well as good elasticity and low yellowing.
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silicone oil
Hydrophilic silicone oil
Hydrophilic silicone oil is a hydrophilic soft and slippery silicone oil prepared by a unique emulsification process. It is delicate and skin-friendly, and has excellent slipperiness. It is a very cost-effective product. Compared with ordinary amino silicone oil, it has excellent stability. It overcomes the problems of sticking rollers and floating oil, and makes production smoother.
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Woven hydrophilic soft silicone oil
Woven hydrophilic soft silicone oil
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Woven hydrophilic soft silicone oil [Characteristics]: Appearance Transparent light yellow heavy body Ionic Weak cationic Amino(mmol/g) 0.20-0.30 Viscosity(mpa•s) 20000-30000 [Advantage]  Mu...
  • Soft slipping silicone oil K-806
    Soft slipping silicone oil K-806
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    soft slipping silicone oil     [Advantage] (1) It can endow the textiles with soft, bulky style.  (2) The working liquid ...
  • Silicone Softeners
    Silicone Softeners
    Dec 02, 2022 Read More
    We are a professional manufacturer for hand feel finishing auxiliary    Definition of Silicone Softeners for Textiles Silicone softener is a compound of organic polysiloxane and polymer, whi...

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